How to Boost Metabolism for Fast Weight Loss

boost metabolism for fast weight loss

Are you one of those who do not eat many calories and still weigh tens of pounds more than your friend who eats like a beast but is skinny? You must be thinking, why? The answer is simple, it depends on the body’s metabolic rate. Metabolism represents all the chemical reactions that occur in the body to produce energy. Where the body breaks down the substances in our food to produce energy, in order to sustain life. In this blog, you get to knoe the top 10 ways to boost your metabolism for fast weight loss.

What you eat is burned by the body and this energy is utilized by the organ systems to run the routine functions of the body. With a slow metabolism you burn less calories that get stored up in your body tissues, as fat layers. While a fast metabolism, burns more calories efficiently to produce additional energy to keep you active and energetic!

The genetics of an individual play a huge role in determining the metabolic rate. There are still a number of ways an individual can boost the metabolism which can result in efficient calorie burning, and weight loss.

Here are the 10 ways you can adopt to boost metabolism and lose weight.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the best drink you can consume. It has zero-calories, makes you feel satiated and has incredible effects on your body.

The water we drink instantly boosts the metabolic rate. It was found in a study, that those who drank half liter water, increased the metabolic activity by 30%.

Drinking water also helps reduce weight in obese by trimming down the appetite. It also boosts the metabolism and increases the calorie burn.

Make sure to keep a water bottle handy and drink water every two hours or before you feel too thirsty and trapped on a dessert!

2. High-Protein Diet

A high-protein diet can effectively increase the metabolic rate by increasing the short-term metabolic rate. The protein in a regular diet helps cut back on calories smoothly too.

It has been found in studies that those who eat protein daily, tend to consume lesser calories in a day as compared to others who don’t. This is why taking a high-protein diet will not only boost your metabolism but will also help lose weight.

Proteins are great for building muscle and its sources are nutrient dense, which is the reason they build lean muscle even if you are dieting and cutting back on calories.

3. Eat a Nutrient Rich Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal that prepares you to perform throughout the day. This chief energy source-your meal should be healthy and nutritious. You can always add avocados, eggs and greens to make the perfect new combination every day!

Eating a protein dense breakfast makes you feel fuller throughout the day and the chances of munching on unhealthy snacks decreases.

The calories eaten up in the morning are burned for energy production better as compared to those in the later periods of the day. This is why if you want to lose weight the scientific way, eat your favorite high-calorie foods in the morning preferably in breakfast, to burn the calorie supply and achieve a quick metabolism.

4. Eat more Proteins

Proteins can increase the metabolic rate more than any other source like carbs or fats. A regular high-protein intake helps reduce body fat. Eating more proteins boosts the metabolism for a short period and is therefore a good addition to your every day meals to keep the metabolic rate optimized.

Keto-diet is gaining popularity lately because of the health benefits and effectivity at losing fat from body. The Keto shifts your body from carb burning to fat burning when you do not eat any carbs. The body has to derive energy from burning fats. As the body shifts to fat burning, you start to lose all the body fat in no time.

5. Make your Workout Intense

Fitness matters and this is why, exercises such as cardio, raise the heart rate and boost metabolism which are equally effective at weight loss. With added intensity, a quick short exercise routine enhances the metabolism and increases the heart rate which are necessary to actively burn more calories.

The caloric burn help you lose weight afterwards, even when the exercise is over and you are sitting in your couch at home. This is because it assists your metabolism, by providing it the boost it lacked.

Doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), has multiple benefits on the body but the best one that will make you fall in love is that it reduces the belly fat and other accumulated fat better than any other exercise.

6. Avoid Sitting

One of the major reasons of obesity in our generation is our sedentary lifestyle. We sit in our office chair for hours working on the technology and barely getting up. This sitting for longer periods slows down the metabolic activity is dangerous as it puts us at greater risks of developing heart disease and other problems.

With a slow metabolic rate, the body fails to process the calories properly and most energy is stored in our body as fat. This fat leads to weight gain and decreases your mobility further.

If you work at a job that requires you to sit for longer periods, you can make things much better by taking a short break every two hours by taking the stairs and going for a walk around. If you have something to discuss with your co-workers, do not e-mail walk up to their desks. It is that simple to break the curse of sitting!

7. Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Is your office at the 3rd floor? Why not take the stairs? Simple and unnoticeable changes in your lifestyle can make you more active and this can help you get rid of lethargy. You will be able to feel more energetic if you stay on your feet and walk to the nearby store for a quick shop or park your car away to walk a bit.

Take every opportunity of getting up yourself to do small things that you ignore, you will be surprised how it makes your metabolism better and result in weight loss. Walking decreases the risks of developing metabolic syndrome.

Change your lazy habits, to boost metabolism and you will feel the difference in your body soon by shedding pounds!

8. Sleep Well

According to a study, women who slept less than 5 hours were at greater risk of weight gain as compared to those who slept longer.

Sleeping has direct relation with the metabolism. When the individuals stay up late, the chances of craving a late-night snack increase and eating late at night with little activity, make the metabolism slower.

A good night sleep is necessary for healthy body and it cannot be emphasized enough. Decreased sleep contributes to hypertension and increase the risk of other chronic diseases.

9. Consume Healthy Fats

There are tons of ways you can improve the quality of fats you consume. All you have to do is switch to healthy oils instead of palm oil or margarine. Medium-chain fats of coconut oil are known to increase body’s metabolism and the unique compound has amazing other benefits.

If you cook at home, try using olive oil and coconut oil in your recipes. Right nutrition can do wonders to your body plus the recipes will taste sweeter and better in healthy oils. Even avocado oil is good for everyday recipes. Oils are rich in Omega 3, omega 3 increase the metabolic rate and has incredible weight loss effects on the body.

 10. Green Tea to Detoxify

Green tea oxidizes the fats in our body which adds up to metabolism rate increase and fat loss. The green tea has soothing effects on your body, it helps calm you after a stressful day, so why not?

Having a cup of green tea, hydrates you and detoxifies the body, most importantly boosts the metabolism and burns fat. The low-calorie drink may increase, the fat burn up to 17%. It will definitely boost your metabolism for weight loss


Try the above mentioned 10 ways to boost your metabolism and lose weight! Check out this article for losing weight by intermittent fasting. Stay consistent in your efforts and make healthy lifestyle choices, you will be amazed how small changes in your daily routine can make big differences.

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