How to lose weight, Tips for women over 40

how to lose weight-weight loss tips for women over 40 years of age

It is easier to lose weight when you are young because you are naturally more energetic. As you get older, your metabolism slows down it gets harder to lose weight. The metabolic rate of your body naturally declines and this makes the process harder to lose weight for women over 40.

Losing weight is easy in younger age because weight loss remedies, diet plans and exercise is more affective but as the years pass added extra pounds become stubborn.

Most women after 40 would think that gaining few more pounds is okay but it is not. Gaining weight can become dangerous because this added fat can invite diseases.

Women go through menopause and other hormonal changes which can make weight loss difficult. But there are a few tricks to lose weight even if you are 40 or above.

But we got you covered! We have gathered 12 tips that can help you lose weight if you are 40 or above.

1. Do Weight Training 3-5 times a week

In older years the body loses muscle tissues and deposits fat layers in their place. Weight training can help gain muscle and in the process you can also lose fat. Weight training increases the body’s metabolism and helps burn more calories.

All you have to do is look for training programs or instructors in your area. You can also look for weight loss programs online.

Start small and gradually you will get better at weight training. The beginning is half the battle!

2. Swim a few times in a week

Swimming is a good way to lose weight when you are older. Swimming can be fun and this is why it is easier to shed weight swimming.

Less intense exercises such as swimming are safe for your joints too and you will have fun playing around in the pool with your partner.

Increasing the speed slowly can help shed even more calories and you would not even feel it.

3. Create a Diet Schedule

 Make a schedule of your daily meals. Keeping a check on your diet can help plan healthy meals. Staying away from unhealthy and high-calorie snacks can boost the weight loss process.

An eating schedule also helps to record daily intake and total calories consumed. This can help you understand your body and its needs so you can plan your meals accordingly.

4. Stay away from Junk

Eating unhealthy snacks all day makes it hard to stay on track. You should always try to stay away from junk and make alternate healthy choices.

You can go roaming into the kitchen looking for a quick snack when bored. To avoid this, close the kitchen or don’t keep any unhealthy snacks at home.

5. Switch to Organic Products

Eating Organic produce can help get heathier and ditch unwanted weight. Eating Organic foods which are free of pesticides and other chemicals help regulate the hormones in blood stream.

Women above 40 are at greater risks of thyroid related diseases.

In older women thyroid hormone secretions can increase, if the food they eat contains pesticides. A good way to stay safe is to go organic.

6. Include more Proteins in your Diet

Protein intake can help make more muscle. American Dietetic Association Journal states that females who went through menopause lost more muscle tissue because of their low-protein diet.

It is better to add small portion of meat to your diet every once in a while. Increasing protein intake can help your body gain muscle.

Even if you are a vegan you can try eating more nuts, lentils, tofu and quinoa to supplement your aging body’s needs.

7.     Avoid Cocktails and Soda

Cocktails and soda can contain up to 600 calories with added artificial sugars and syrups, and they don’t even make you feel full. A single margarita or martini can take up your half a day’s calorie consumption.

Cocktails can give you hot flashes and higher your blood pressure which you definitely do not want.

Avoiding these calories in a fancy glass and switching to healthier drinks can keep you healthy and speed up weight loss. Switch to healthy options like coconut water or sugarfree juice.

8.     Eat more Whole Grains

Eating foods rich in fiber make you feel satisfied and full. Switching from refined flour to Whole wheat can do wonders to your body.

By eating more whole grains your body feels better throughout the day and it decreases the time to time cravings.

Whole grain foods are also effective in decreasing bloating that may occur due to menopause.

9.     Switch to HIIT Exercise

High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to boost your weight loss routine. Spending all day at gym doing not much or little cannot shed those stubborn pounds.

High intensity exercises aid in gaining lean muscle. It is okay to start small but increasing the work out intensity is very important specially if you are looking for quick results.

Try going a little hard on yourself next time you work out.

10.  Join Support Groups

Sticking to a plan and staying determined on your weight loss plan can get hard sometimes. Let’s be honest, we all need support every now and then to stay motivated.

But meeting support groups in person can take time and become hard to manage in your busy routine.

 Luckily now you can join support groups online and they can keep you motivated. You can also find good tips and guidance to ditch those extra pounds.

11. Cut out Salted Snacks

Salted snacks can cause havoc to your body. They can cause bloating and the increased salt in body requires more water. 

You feel thirsty and to quench thirst you keep drinking more and more water. More water makes up for increased water weight.

Cutting out salted or fried snacks can get rid of water weight and help you feel more hydrated.

12.  Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping well at night helps regulate natural body functions. Enough Sleep every night helps your body become healthy and get rid of undesirable pounds.

A study of sleep patterns of 60 thousand women over a 16-year span showed that women who received a full night’s sleep had lesser bodyweight. In comparison, those women who slept 5 hours or less a day gained 15% more weight. You tend to work more because of the responsibilities on your shoulders, but you should always take time out for your body to rest and recover. It will definitely help women over 40 to lose weight.

So, make sure you spend more time under the covers to aid your weight loss regimen.

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