Small Home Gym Equipment for Beginners

small homw gym equipments for beginners

Are you thinking of building an amazing home gym for yourself? You can get many different home gym equipment ideas from the web, but how can you determine which one is the best for you? You can sweat out at home without any advanced equipment. All you need are these 12 must-have small home gym equipment that can help you carry out effective workout sessions at home.

Why Should You Buy Home Gym Equipment?

Many people nowadays are opting for home gyms instead of going to public gyms. This is because building a home gym is just a one-time investment, and after that, the gym is all yours, whereas, for public gyms, you have to pay a monthly fee, which can sometimes be quite annoying. You can easily stick to your workout routine if you have a home gym, and there’ll be no obstacles in your way.

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Now you may be wondering about the costs of a home gym. Don’t worry; it won’t cost you tens of thousands of rupees. You can build a decent home gym with the necessary equipment in less than ₹11,000. Here are 12 of the best must-have equipment for your small home gym that you can easily buy on Amazon:

1.    Resistance Loop Exercise Bands:

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With exercise bands, you can conveniently flex and grow your muscles. Exercise bands are ideal for squats, hips, legs, butt, glutes, stretching, and similar exercises. These bands come in all shapes and sizes, where light bands are for beginners, and heavy ones are for advanced strength training. 

The FEGSY Resistance Loop Exercise Bands are ideal exercise bands for you if you want multiple exercise bands of different difficulties. With these bands, you can improve muscle tone in your arms, legs, ankles, back & buttocks without any complications. The best thing about this set of bands is that you get five of them for just an incredibly low price of ₹ 599.00!

5 levels of intensity
Easy to carry
High resilience
The bands have less thickness

2.    A Pair Of Dumbbells:

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No gym is complete without a pair (or more) of dumbbells. Dumbbells are undoubtedly the most important home gym equipment. In fact, they are the best way to build your muscles and make them stronger. Most dumbbells come in different weights and sizes according to how heavy you can resist. 

In such a case, the KORE DM-HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells Kits are the best set of dumbbells for a small home gym. This pair of dumbbells are highly durable and are made to last for ages. The weight for each dumbbell here is 5kg, which is ideal for both beginners and intermediates. Other than that, these dumbbells have a comfortable grip, and the hexagon shape provides the best supporting grip for doing workouts. These dumbbells are the perfect dumbbells at an excellent price for a home gym. You can buy them on Amazon for just ₹2,008.00.

Highly durable
Comfortable handle grip
Equal weights with elegant looks
The threaded metal may poke your hand while lifting the dumbbells

3.    Ab Roller And Knee Mat:

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Flexion exercises can sometimes be too hard to perform at home, as there’s no advanced equipment like those you find in public gyms. An ab roller allows you to perform better ab workout flexion exercises and develop some strong and defined abs. With an ab roller, you can burn excess fat, build muscle intensity, and sculpt your abdominals. 

The Fitsy Upgraded 4-Wheel Ab Roller With Knee Mat And Floor Wedge is an ideal ad development set consisting of an ab roller, a floor wedge, and a yoga mat. The ab roller is constructed from a sturdy seal and comes with comfortable handles. The four wheels give you more balance while working out, whereas the floor wedge keeps it in place. Also, the ab roller is lightweight and portable so that you can easily carry it around with you. The best thing about this ab roller, other than its features, is its price, as you can buy the whole set for just ₹997.00. 

Reasonably priced
Sturdy and durable
Not recommended for beginners as it is not easy to use. 

4.    Skipping Rope:

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Skipping ropes are the best solutions for some home cardio exercises. Research shows that skipping for just 30 minutes can burn up to 500 calories, and so is useful in cardio and weight loss. It also helps in boosting muscle engagement while reducing injury risks. Not only that, but a skipping rope also improves bone density and plays a vital role in one’s health. 

The Vector X Skipping Rope is a freestyle skipping rope made of Nylon material. The handles of the rope are non-slip and are made of two-toned contoured handles. The rope is easy to store, whereas its length is adjustable. You can buy this rope for just ₹155.00 on Amazon. 

Slim and non-slip handles
Adjustable length
Easy to store and portable
The slim handles may be uncomfortable for those intending to do extreme workout

5.    Push Up Bars Stand:

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Push-ups seem to be very exciting and a challenging task when you’re new to the gym. But you’ll eventually find yourself getting bored of doing push-ups as they’ll start to seem easy to you. Pushup bars are a simple tool that makes your push-ups more challenging and exciting. With these bars, you can make the most out of your push-ups and do some intense workout. Pushup bars increase your range of motion, which ultimately makes you stronger and helps in muscle building. 

If you’re looking for pushup bars that’ll go great with your small home gym, you should buy the HNESS Push Up Bars Stand with Foam Grip Handle. These lightweight pushup bars are quite durable and can handle any weight since they’re made of polypropylene. These pushup bars are ideal for you if you have a small home gym as they are lightweight, easy to carry around, and do not occupy much space. And you’ll be shocked to hear that these pushup bars will cost you only ₹429.00 if you buy them from Amazon!

Portable and lightweight
Ergonomic design
Engages muscles

6.    Tummy Trimmer:

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If you are thinking of joining the gym to lose your tummy weight, don’t because a tummy trimmer can help you accomplish that without even leaving your house. A tummy trimmer improves your core strength by strengthening your chest and arms. It is also quite effective in toning hips and thighs. 

The RYLAN Double Spring Tummy Trimmer Pro Waist Trimmer Abs Exerciser is an excellent tummy trimmer that also works as a hand gripper, focusing on your ab exercises. It burns extra calories while melting away your abdominal fat surrounding your waist, ultimately providing you a flat stomach. It also plays a vital role in the formation and strengthening of your abs. A good thing about this tummy trimmer is that it is adjustable, and you can adjust it according to your preferences. You can buy this tummy trimmer for just ₹499.00 on Amazon. 

High quality and sturdy material
Portable and lightweight
Effectively shapes your body
Easy to use
Handles are not ergonomic

7.    Rubber Medicine Balls:

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If you want to enhance your endurance, explosiveness, and core strength, typical exercises won’t benefit you much. You need extra equipment such as rubber medicine balls so that you can challenge your core strength and conduct better workouts. These balls are ideal for all sorts of ball exercises, such as wall ball throws, traditional trunk twists, squats, sit-ups, presses, etc. You can also burn out your abs and chest by conducting exercises with these balls. 

The DIABLO Rubber Medicine Balls with Bounce Effect are the best option right now considering quality, price, and varieties. These balls are available in different weights according to your training level, and their price ranges from ₹849.00 – ₹2,849.00 according to the weight. 

Ideal for classic medicine ball workouts
Sturdy rubber construction
Superior grip
Useful and versatile
Soft and pliable
Very bouncy

8.    Gym Ball:

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A gym ball provides support to your back and stomach muscles while improving your health and posture. It helps relax your spine while stretching it and bringing it to the right position. Besides improving your posture, a gym ball also plays a vital role in increasing blood flow to the brain. It also helps to improve concentration and increases focus and decreases restlessness. 

We recommend buying the Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball with Foot Pump as it is anti-burst, and if in any case it gets punctured, it won’t blast but will slowly deflate. The ball also comes with a foot pump, which you can use to pump air to the ball if it ever deflates. The ball is priced quite reasonably, and you can buy it for just ₹699.00 on Amazon. 

Thick and sturdy
Anti-burst construction
Easy to inflate and deflate
The foot pump is not of high quality

9.    Yoga and Exercise Mat:

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Some gym activities tend to be performed on the floor, but it becomes inconvenient to perform any exercise while lying on the bare floor. Therefore, having a yoga and exercise mat in your gym is of utmost importance. These mats are sticky and stick to the floor so that when you perform activities such as yoga, sit-ups, push-ups, and more, the mat does not slip from beneath you. 

The Amazon Basics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap is an outstanding yoga and exercise mat for yoga, pilates, and other workout routines. The mat is extra thick and comfortable, so that you do not face any inconvenience while using it. It is lightweight, durable, and comes with a carrying strap so that you can bring it to wherever you want with ease. You can buy this mat for just ₹1,049.00 for Amazon. 

Textured surface provides enhanced traction
Lightweight and durable
Comfortable and appealing
Not great for yoga

10. Fitness Stepper Board:

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Step aerobics is the key if you want to perform a high-intensity cardio workout without stressing your joints. Such exercises build strength, reduce fat, and boost your cardio health. And if you are thinking of reducing weight, step aerobics can be beneficial, as they prove useful in burning calories. 

For that, you will have to buy the SIGNATRON Fitness Stepper Board 2 Floor Aerobics Board. This exercise stepper assists you in working on your coordination as you improve your cardio fitness. It is firm and anti-slip while having a weight capacity of 440 lb. You can buy this stepper board for just ₹1,599.00 on Amazon. 

Firm and anti-slip
Durable and sturdy
High weight capacity
Shock absorbent
Ideal for home workouts

11. Wrist Weight Bands:

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Ankle wrist bands are the best for leg lifts. These bands are weighted straps that you can wear over your wrist and perform targeted exercises and keep your workouts hardcore. 

The Aurion Wrist Weights consists of a pair of wrist weights of 1kg each. When you wear these wristbands, they will require you to use more energy for whatever you do, resulting in the burning of calories and improved cardio health. You can wear them while working out or even when you’re doing any house chores or simply walking. They will still perform their task effectively and help you to burn your calories. You can buy a pair of these for just ₹337.00 on Amazon. 

Effective in burning calories
High quality and long-lasting
The width for these bands is somewhat awkward

12. Heavy Resistance Band For Exercise And Stretching:

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If you are looking for larger resistance bands that are heavy and ideal for exercise and stretching, you should buy the Boldfit Heavy Resistance Band for Exercise & Stretching. This heavy resistance band is easy to use and can be used for back, arm, abdomen, hip, and leg exercises at home. If you are thinking of carrying out some intense workout sessions at home, then this product is for you, as it is a single product that you can use for multiple exercises. The band is portable and lightweight, and so is perfect to carry around with you. Also, it is quite durable and long lasting, so you can use it for years without the fear of it getting torn or broken. The band comes in different colors and sizes and you can buy it for just ₹1,199.00 on Amazon. 

Easy to use
Heavy resistance
Portable and lightweight
Not for beginners

13. Resistance Tube Exercise Bands for Stretching, Workout, and Toning

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Shedding fat and building muscle at the same time is the goal that most of us have, and let’s agree, it’s pretty tough to achieve it. Fegsy brings this amazing Resistance Tube Exercise Bands for Stretching, Workout, and Toning that helps you in achieving your goal. These lightweight toning tubes can be easily carried anywhere and you can start your workout anywhere, anytime.

This multipurpose stretching tube can be used for CrossFit training, yoga, Pilates, beach body, physical therapy, strengthening, toning the upper and lower body. You can also isolate and target glutes, legs, hips, and knees, and the toughest part to exercise, you Back! It can be used at your home or you can take it with you to the gym, both ways this band is a way to go and a must-have in your training session. You can but this product from amazon at a 50% Discount for just Rs 499 (down from 999).  

Easy to use
Soft handle grip
Portable and lightweight
High stretchability and resistance
Not for beginners

Bottom Line

So this was our list of the top 12 must-have small home gym equipment. With these 12 items, you can easily build a small home gym of your own and carry out some intense workout sessions. The best thing about these 12 items is that they will cost you less than ₹11,000 and you can have a complete small home gym with all the necessary equipment for effective workouts.

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